Monthly Preview Webinar

Our monthly previews are led by our subject leads Shane, Jo and Máirín.

These webinars will provide a run-through of the content in the upcoming month's lessons. These previews are ideal for teachers who are currently using the full programme.

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General Training Webinar

This is an ideal webinar for any teachers new to dabbledoo and would be a key part for any new school onboarding. 

Each session will last 45 mins and will cover our planning content, teachers' manuals, lesson plans and interactive resources.

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A full walkthrough of the Music programme

The training lasts 42 mins and in it, we cover:

  • An overview of our planning content and teacher's manual,
  • A run-through of our lesson plans and classroom resources and
  • A demo of all our online and interactive resources.


A full walkthrough of the Drama programme.