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This website is all about my dream list of beauty products. In the real world, I’m a poor graduate with a crappy day time job to pay the bills. I love beauty products but at the moment I simply cannot afford them. I got so sick and tired that I decided to set up this fantasy blog all about my ideal beauty tools.

I’m going to pretend that money is not a problem. I want the best of the best and I am willing to pay for it. I won’t be rushing out to get overpriced junk. I want quality not rubbish with a designer label. So if money is not an issue what products would I own. What must have items would I be using to make myself gorgeous. I am talking about A List celebrity looking stunning not reality television Z list looking.

So I’m going to start with hair tools and a good Best Straightener Guide because I always feel better about myself when my hair looks good. I think I was blessed with naturally easy to manage hair that looks good naturally. However for that elegant and classy look, there are a few things that can really help a girl look fantastic!

Please Note: The reviews and comments I write are based on other peoples opinions and comments. I have not had a chance to try them out for myself. I hope I have made that clear in each post. If not, I apologize.

So I hope you find this blog helpful. Enjoy :-)


Why is it called Dabbledoo?

That is a good question. If you type it into a search engine like Ask, Bing or the all powerful google then it comes up with a music resource. The dictionary definition of Dabble is to “take part in an activity in a casual or superficial way”. Do means to “perform an action”. So Dabble Do means to superficially take action!

Ha Ha (or should I say LOL). The truth is a geeky friend of mine had a spare website that he gave to me and it was this one. I kind of like the name so thought I would run with it.

If Kanye Flosses

If Kanye flosses … then this is what he would use

Following on from my popular post on Kanye & Kim’s teeth cleaning habits here are three types of flossers that I think Kanye & Kim would use.

Now before I start this article I just want to say that I have absolutely no idea if Kanye does floss and if so I have no idea what he uses. However, judging by the quality of his teeth I imagine he does and these are special flossers that Kanye would be proud of.

# 3 Philips Airfloss

This is the oral hygiene companion piece to the Diamond clean toothbrushes that the couple own and is also made by Philips. Many Sonicare fans think that it is 2015’s best water flosser by far. It looks stylish and is quick and easy to use. It requires hardly any water so is not as messy as regular water flossers. It also has a cool shot action that blasts away food debris.

However, the haters believe that it is not as effective as best known oral irrigator brand Waterpik, hence this being at number three.

# 2 Waterpik kids edition

The West family with the adorable North & another bundle of joy on the way
The West family with the adorable North & another bundle of joy on the way

what with North growing up quickly and appearing in various selfies across various social media platforms, the couple will want to make sure that junior looks good. Sure she has the clothes but she has to keep those pearly whites super white as well.

Then of course the recent news this month that a second child is due in 2016, they will want something for both the kids. That is why the kids version of the Waterpik water flosser is a good choice. It is specially designed for little hands and comes with cool stickers.


# 1 The Ultra Oral Irrigator

The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser is the ultimate flossing experience. Although a new model the Aquarius was released last year this is still the most popular water flosser that they sell.

It features different water pressures and different tips that offer different options. It can be used by young and old alike and can be used by the whole family.

It has been around for years and customers and dentists alike think it is awesome. If you want the gold standard of electric flossing, the the Ultra Water flosser is the one to get.

T Fal Actifry

t fal actifry reviews

I’ve had enough of talking about hair products so wanted to move onto another item that I first discovered from the 1st lady of America. That is right, I am talking about Oprah. Did you think I was talking about Michelle?

She raved about it on one of her blogs and since then, these things have been selling by the bucket load. Which kitchen gadget am I talking about? Well it is none other that the Actifry by the French company Tefal.

tefalactifryMost people may think that it’s another kitchen appliance that simply air fries. However the T Fal ActiFry does considerably more than giving you crispy french fries making use of very little oil. You can prepare browned noodles, sautéed vegetables and jumbled eggs– all requiring fresh components instead of frozen items.

I discovered that to be quite remarkable coz when you think of it, there is no other appliance in the market that can do all that. Having read all of the amazon tefal actifry reviews I concurred that consumers adore this item.

This is an extremely convenient home appliance to have. You get home from a long day at work. Throw all the ingredients into the device, set the timer and let it do its thing while you finish your chores or catch up on emails. The home appliance will immediately stop cooking when the set time is up so after you have finished your chores, your dinner is ready!


Looking to get a new set of Saucepans. Check out the page below. I found it really helpful: Buy a Tefal Pan Set

I am definitely not grumbling about the simple clean-up later on, thanks to the detachable parts. The whole cooking surfaces, including the turning paddle, are non-stick. This is way simpler to tidy up than a standard deep fryer that’s full of oil. Mentioning which, I such as that not a great deal of oil is necessary to cook food needing the tefal actifry best price guide .

This extraordinary appliance is suitable for people with busy lifestyles (who isn’t busy these days?) as the home appliance is set immediately to prepare, liberating valuable time to do something else in the meantime while awaiting food to be prepared.

I take pleasure in cooking and spending time in the kitchen area, yet there have been days when I have had to multitask a couple of meals at once or I’m merely too tired/lazy to prepare anything intricate. I do not desire to compromise the quality and flavor of the food that I cook and consume, hence the T fal ActiFry is a fantastic option for that!

Expensive Toothbrushes part 2

diamondtoothbrushSince I wrote my last article about Kanye & Kim’s expensive toothbrushes I have become slightly obsessed with electric toothbrushes that cost over $100. I had no idea that you could spend so much money on them!

So here are my three alternatives to Kanye’s toothbrush. Expensive but effective.

#1 Diamondclean beater by Sonicare

This is the lesser known stablemate of the Diamondclean and flexcare plus. Its called the Philips sonicare flexcare platinum because of its platinum features. This is the only sonic toothbrush that I know of that has sensors to let you know if you are brushing too hard. I also like the silver/white combination that makes it look great as well. The other bonus is that if you want to use a diamondclean toothbrush head with it you can because they are compatible.

In fact the diamondclean head is compatible with most of the sonicare toothbrushes and they all brush at the same speed so technically you could get brighter teeth with an easy clean. Oops, did I just give away a trade secret? Check out complete reviews here: Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum vs Diamondclean review.

#2 The ultimate Braun toothbrush


The oral b 7000 is the ultimate top of the line toothbrush from Braun. It has one or two extra features that its popular alternative the 5000 does not have. It has a special tongue cleaner and something else I cannot remember. What makes it different is that it looks really cool. The black outline and blue LED lights make this one of the most attractive toothbrushes money can buy. The question is how does this compare with the best Sonicare toothbrush.

#3 The fancy electric toothbrush for children

Last but certainly not least is a toothbrush that you can buy for about $40 which might not seem like a lot of money. It’s the electric kids sonicare toothbrush. However, this toothbrush is aimed at children so $40 for an electric toothbrush seems like an awful lot of money to me! However, it does have some great features like a timer that slowly increases to encourage your kids to brush for a full two minutes.

You can also change the front to choose like ten different funky designs. I think it is a great idea. The only downside is that replacement heads will cost you about $40 a year so this is not for people on a budget.

So there you have it. Three brushes that are not cheap but if you buy one, they will give you incredibly healthy, strong teeth and keep your dentist happy for a long time.

I want Kanye’s toothbrush!

kanyeandkimwest2Since I discovered that Kanye & Kim have one, I decided that I wanted something better. I like The West family (in a, they really wind me up kind of way) so it gives me great pleasure in my fantasy world to outdo them. What am I talking about? Toothbrushes of course!

So Kanye & Kim have Sonicare diamondclean electric toothbrushes. She has a special edition pink one whilst Kanye just has a regular one. They retail for about $200 and from what I read about them they are meant to be pretty good.


They are the latest advancements in sonic technology and not only clean your teeth really well, they also whiten them. You can compare all the Philips Sonicare toothbrushes here:


Anyway I wanted to find two better toothbrushes than their or at least more expensive. These are the two I discovered.

# 1 Just Expensive

The most ridiculously extravagant award goes to the Reinast brush. It’s made of pure platinum and has some other fancy stuff that I can’t bring myself to talk about. The ironic thing is that despite the cost, its not even electric! It is just a plain old manual toothbrush made from expensive materials. The retail price is something like $4000 so you need to be an oil tycoon or idiot to own one.

# 2 Practical but not cheap

The most obvious alternative is Braun’s Oral B range. I personally own and love the vitality toothbrush which may be cheap but it’s also gosh darn effective. No complaints from my dentist :-)

They recently released a version of the 5000 model that has Bluetooth technology. Basically you can connect it to your android or apple phone and it tracks your statistics. They can then be shared with your dentist to make sure your oral hygiene is going great. Oral B is a popular brand with a variety of different options. You can check out their full range here: http://toothbrushtech.co.uk/oral-b-electric-toothbrush

Sadly, this is cheaper than Kanyes toothbrush. So there you have it, if you want to be more extravagant than Kanye, you need to spend crazy money on a regular toothbrush!

I guess if you can’t beat them, join them. I’m gonna check out a diamondclean for myself.

Don't they look cute together. Awww
Don’t they look cute together. Awww

Alternatively, if you want to know what the best electric toothbrush of 2015 is, then you need to check this page out:

harry josh pro tools dryer 2000

Harry Josh Hair Dryer

Have you ever questioned how the Olsen Twins, Gisele Bunchen and Christy Turlington consistently have totally awesome hair? Seriously, how do they get their hair so shiny?! While I do not have the luxury of having a professional designing team at my disposal, I do attempt to straighten my hair at home. The key, as I’ve found, is to ditch that scorching hot flat iron and bust out the reliable hair dryer. A terrific dryer suggests shorter dry time, which leads to less damage, smoother structure, and serious shine.

The people we mentioned earlier are all fans of celebrity hair stylist to the stars Harry Josh. Josh has recently released his first ever hair tool. A mint green hairdryer aptly titled the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Hair dryer 2000. This could give the luxury GHD Air Dryer a run for it’s money.


Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000


This blow dryer that topped many of the fashion mag’s lists. It also asserts to be the more powerful than other blow dryers with a long life AIR CONDITIONING motor that lasts 2000 hours and blow dries hair more than 60% faster than the competition. For those of you that do not understand, ions have something to do with making your hair silky and glossy.  At between $250-300 dollars, the gadget looks modest enough in a charming mint color and an easy, nearly throwback, and stout shape. Travel-friendly, at least!

It has all the familiar switches and buttons, a charitable length of cord, and has 2 similar concentrator accessories– flat and flatter but no diffuser.

I hardly ever heat-style as it is, specifically after having gone blonde, due to the fact that my hair is very dry usually, so the concept of evaporating whatever moisture remains appears just plain sadistic to me. But if this expensive little device guarantees magic frizz-eliminating ions flying at my head at 80MPH while I get the fastest blow task on the marketplace (and energy-reducing technology too, match), I’ll take it up on that dance.

It’s absolutely got a set of lungs on it if you have it on the high setting. You can have two levels of hotness and medium or high speed. Also there’s the ions or no-ions switch, which should constantly be changed to ions since why would not you? The rusk speed freak hair dryer dries hair quickly. This is not quite as fast as that model but not far off.

You cannot see, feel or smell them; however I feel like the ions that modern-day hair dryers constantly promise are like hair fairies– they just exist if you believe in them. There is another blow dryer on the market that has also been getting rave reviews and is a third of the price of this one. That is the GHD hair dryer Air.

If you have actually ever been in a semi-rush and desire to design your hair and then set it, this is an essential function, because if you heat-style hair and then just let it go, the hair will certainly just fall to gravity’s impulses considering that it’s too warm to hold tight. This reminds me of the super Solano hair dryer range which is a good thing.

If you want a celebrity endorsed blow dryer, then check out the 2000 model. Is it worth the money? That is for you to decide.

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Awesome Straightener: Cloud 9’s C9 Touch hair straightener

Ultimate Curling Tool: Conair Curl Secret

cloud nine c9 touch review

Cloud 9 Touch Review


With the battle on to discover the very best straightener, we wanted to see why a lot of devoted fans were transforming from a long-lasting devotion to another excellent brand name GHD to Cloud Nines! We read the evaluations and had a look at the Cloud 9 Touch on forums and this is what we discovered.
The plates are very soft and extremely easy to slide the hair through smoothly. The design is very simplified, it’s button-less and does not provide a digital display like a lot of straighteners; rather like its name suggests, it works with ‘touch’. To turn it on you merely clap the plates and to switch over between higher and lower temperature levels simply clap the plates together 3 times.

Click on the link to see how do they compare to the original Cloud 9 straighteners.



Three Features we like about the Cloud Nine Touch


Button less Design/Instant heat

To use this expensive styler all you need to do is plug it in and start aligning. With the very first stroke of hair it instantly turns itself on when the plates touch. No buttons or levers to obtain in your way and mistakenly get switched off when you are using it.


Refined Plates

The C9 Touch has the exact same refined smooth mineral instilled ceramic plates that glide efficiently through the hair without pulling. They get rid of static electricity and smooth down flyaways for a beautiful, streamlined design. We know you wouldn’t anticipate anything less!


Swivel Cord

This straightener has a hair salon length cord and can easily reach from the socket to the mirror, with room to spare. To make it even easier, the cord swivels as you move so it doesn’t get all tangled up while you’re styling. This is particularly valuable for those with long hair.


Check out the GHD Verses Cloud 9 Straighteners post to see what people are saying. You can also compare Fhi Straighteners with the Cloud 9 touch to see which one suits you better.


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Conair Infiniti pro curl secret curling iron review

conair infiniti pro curl secret curling iron

Curl Secret By Conair Reviews

The Conair Curl Secret is an odd looking device that is used to curl hair quickly and efficiently. From what I have read, it seems to be the best curling tool on the market. As I said in my first post this blog is all about premium products that do the job well regardless of the price, so I wont be talking about that here. What I will look at is how good the innovative babyliss pro perfect curl  is and see if it does the job of curling hair well.


How to Use the Curl Secret

All you need to do to your hair before using this device is to make sure your hair is clean, dry and combed, then hold it directly as you put it into the hair guide in the curl chamber. It is ready to use When you switch on the power, the red sign light will flash. Once it ends up being solid, the temperature level has reached its set point and is ready to use. It has several settings he can manage the heat of the curl which in turn control how tight the curl is. The max amount of hair that will fit into the chamber is a two-inch strand. Clamp down, almost like if you were utilizing a straightener, but instead of sliding it down your hair, the iron will draw up the strand, which will be wound inside the chamber.

Warning: When you get this product for yourself. Read the manual a couple of times and watch a few tutorials on youtube. You need to invest some time in learning how to use the device. Once you do it really is easy to use.

Check out these pictures to see how it is done.

A helpful compilation of photos by April Go Lightly so that you can see the curl secret in action and what it is capable of achieving.


 Helpful Tips

  • Make sure you brush through your hair truly well prior to you utilize the Secret; any snarled or frizzy area will certainly get spit out by the iron, or possibly get stuck in the iron
    Use clips to area off your hair. This helps so loose strands do not find their method into the chamber as it’s gobbling the area you want to curl.
  •  Use time setting eight for loose waves, ten for soft and twelve for defined curls
  •  Utilize the low heat setting for fine, delicate or colored hair
  •  Use the higher heat setting for regular to thick hair
  •  Another helpful review to read is here: Style24Seven – Curl Secret Conair Guide


Advantages and Disadvantages

curl secret by conair reviews



  •  The curls can be tight or looser depending on the choices of the users.
  • The unit is extremely safe and works successfully without any issue to hair. The unit beeps an alert when the hair is done. The built in ceramic barrels ensures safety to your hair.
  • It is suitable for all type of hairs. It works perfectly for both long and short hair giving fantastic results.
  • It is really fast and the instant heater reaches optimal temperatures after 30 seconds. This guarantees one does not need to wait to curl their hair for busy women.

Wow, that actually is a cool brand-new curling tool! I enjoy how simple it was to make your curls, without having to worry about burning your fingers, ears or head.



  • The Infiniti pro by conair curl secret can be difficult to grasp. One needs to read the manual a few times to comprehend how it works and have the ability to use it. This is not one product newbies will simply unload and set it up immediately. Once you have got over the learning curve users can utilize it efficiently without any difficulties.
  •  OK, here is the greatest downside: Because of the nature of this device, you can not really have different size curls. Given that 2 inches is the optimum quantity of hair that will certainly fit into the chamber, that indicates no large curls like you get with a large-barrel conventional curling iron. Some reviewers said that if they attempted to do teeny-tiny curls, using less hair, they just turned out really frizzy and fried looking.


Final Thoughts

Infiniti pro conair curl secret has a variety of favorable reviews that assures you of its performance. According to consumers this device supplies fantastic, lasting curls in a really short time. A couple of consumers with long and thick hair have also mentioned that the iron may get stuck midway. However, a multitude of positive testimonials are extremely motivating. It takes curling your hair to an entire brand-new level. The Infinity Pro by Conair Curl Trick will certainly give stunning shine & shape to your hair by adding volume and incredible curls.


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